Digital Identity


The digital transformation process that is taking place, now, will be leveraging digital identities, so the the Identity and Access Management topics are not just a CISO only concern, now the impact is company wide both on a compliance standpoint (GDPR, PCI, Etc) than as a business opportunity. RAD is riding this new Digital Identity Wave using a brand new approach based on the business process instead the data itself.

RAD supports its own customer with many different activities and solutions just to mention some of the them:

  • RAD can support you to build a comprehensive IAM Program
  • We support out costumer to build their reference platform to handle the entire identity lifecycle.
  • RAD partner with this segment best of breed vendors, to select build and integrate best in class vendors to offer the most tailored solution to our customers
  • We support our customers to handle the delicate topic of Privileged Accounts, both on a technical and compliance standpoint